6ft The George (XS):
Specifically for jet ski and wave runner type crafts.
>15’ Primate (S):
For larger jet skis and boats up to 15’
15’-18’ Chunky Monkey (M):
For boats and pontoons between 15’ and 18’
< 18’ Swole Kong (L):
For boats and pontoons over 18’

Looking for a new, lightweight boat anchor?

Gorilla Jack'd Sand Anchors are the perfect solution! They're easy to use and incredibly strong - able to anchor your watercraft securly.

Stop struggling with anchors that are too heavy and difficult to manage. Get a Gorilla Jack'd Sand Anchor and make anchoring your watercraft a breeze.

Order your Gorilla Jack'd Sand Anchor today!

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Anchors not intended for single use. Intended for use with an additional anchor or two Gorilla Jack'd anchors.

The Gorilla Jack'd Auger Design

The GorillaJack’d Sand Anchor offers the ONLY screw style anchor on the market using a complete flighting manufactured from STEEL, not from plastic or PVC. With our dynamic auger design, you can easily anchor your watercraft in no time. All it takes is a few simple turns and you're all set. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that your watercraft is securely anchored in place.

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